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IDEA – “A Eureka moment!”… for this “total-non-techno”

new sales avenue: just had an idea to make some of my books (just e-books + audiobooks, that can be easily downloaded – at this stage) available from this blog (in addition to all of them at , then let’s see what happens…

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I’ll test on Book 1 (a “shortie”)… then let’s see what happens…


Creative Kiwis: An Amazing Journey (just published digitally, as well as in paperback) at Amazon 

Once you make a donation (what you think my “work” is worth – if anything?), I’ll send you link at Google drive to click on. Then you can download the e-book…easily.

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All proceeds go to a local charity (most worthy) –  ME!

CREATIVE KIWIS: An Amazing Journey
…into the digital future

“We didn’t have any money…so we had  to think!”

“Imagination is way more important than capital.”

A story

“ From seeds of hope to endless possibilities…”

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Creative Kiwis, an Amazing Journey eBook: Bill


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Prologue: How it all began

Creative Writing Course(s)

Money Management Course

* Digital Publishing

* How to Write a Book and Get Published
* Audiobooks

* to be developed in future editions of this booklet

Creative Kiwis: An amazing Journey by Bill Rosoman

“Life is one long journey of learning, exploring (limits), discovering and dreaming.”
– me just wrote that 11th October 2018




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Best wishes from the First City to see the sun (in summer) …and we’re also the first to see the sunset and the stars (in winter-time)