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JK Rowling’s Harvard University Speech

The Champion

Text of J.K. Rowling’s speech

‘The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination’


By J.K. Rowling, Copyright J.K. Rowling

from http://www.craigsbooks.wordpress.com

In short…

the importance of failure
the importance of imagination – let it work for you
walking is someone elses shoes- empathise with others


Text as delivered.

President Faust, members of the Harvard Corporation and the Board of Overseers, members of the faculty, proud parents, and, above all, graduates.

The first thing I would like to say is ‘thank you.’ Not only has Harvard given me an extraordinary honour, but the weeks of fear and nausea I have endured at the thought of giving this commencement address have made me lose weight. A win-win situation! Now all I have to do is take deep breaths, squint at the red banners and convince myself that I am at the world’s largest Gryffindor reunion.


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Be glad God doesn’t do load shedding (Cape Times, 30 Apr 2015, Page9)

Craiglock's Weblog

IT IS necessary to add our voice to the outcry against xenophobia (a complex phenomenon, and focused not only on Africa). For the moment, I believe, there is sufficient anger about the matter. I go on, then, to take in the more domestic matter of…read more…

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Imagine being at receiving end of injustice and help preserve human rights (Cape Times, 30 Apr 2015, Page9)

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MANY of us have read Martin Niemöller?s lamentation on the dangerous effects of indifference on wrongs that happen to others, but not to us, many times. ?First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out ? Because I was not a Socialist. Then…read more…

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“We pass through this journey but once, and opportunities you miss, will never be available again.”

Nelson Mandela: My Inspiration (and "Inspirator")

A NELson Mandela

“We pass through this journey but once, and opportunities you miss, will never be available again.”

– former President of South Africa

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Behave like adults (Cape Times, 30 Apr 2015, Page8)

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BETWEEN 1914 and 1918, great South Africans of all ethnic groups forgave Britain for the atrocities of the AngloBoer War and proudly fought and died for Britain in World War 1. Between 1939 and 1945 one of South Africa?s greatest sons, Jan Christian…read more…

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The Effects of Brain Injury

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Nelson Mandela: My Inspiration (and "Inspirator")

MANY MORE COMMENTS OVERNIGHT (many thousands already),.. together with hundreds of thousands already on my various other blogs at https://craigsblogs.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/craigs-list-of-blogs-updated-sept-2011/
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So sorry can’t reply individually to all you good people scattered around the planet, but DO try to read as many as possible daily (and even moderate a few when I get a “mo”),
* “Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”
~ Franz Kafka
I do really appreciate your liking, linking to and/or following this blog (and “writing in”), so “thanks for the thanx”
“As we live and move…

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On the Other Side of the Rainbow (Cape Times Letters)

On the Other Side of the Rainbow: Crossing bridges of understanding


A selection of letters  (excellent) from the Cape Times that I read on a recent visit to the beautiful Mother City of South Africa showing the diversity of opinion and value of reasoned debate in that quality newspaper

Thursday April 9th 2015.


Cape Times Letters

Can’t change history

IS IT not sad that those who seek to be famous freedom fighters like their forefathers are reduced to trashing statues? After all the ANC is now in charge, so what else is there to protest about?

Here’s an idea. Why not put up statues instead? Each city could have their nominees. As an East Londoner for many years, I propose a statue of Donald Woods.

Donald risked his life fighting apartheid. His book Asking for Trouble and the movie did more to highlight the atrocities of apartheid internationally than local protests.

He ensured that the world became aware of Steve…

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