‘The world’s smallest (and most exclusive) bookstore’

Trying to move away from Amazon (and “diversify” – big word, eh!), so trying a new path of self publishing from this blog (+ making my books as freely available and cheap as possible to YOU)

The various books* that Craig “felt inspired to write” are available  at


Now the next task (huge) is to start getting them “up there”(quite a “mission”/endeavour)

as Bill and I explore the self- publishing journey (“do it yourself”)

* Hard copies and e-books: Fiction and non-fiction books, self help, novels on South Africa, “faction”, travel, humour, inspiration, words of encouragement and empowerment, motor racing, Formula 1, Grand Prix drivers

 All proceeds go to needy and underprivileged children –
Shared by “worst selling writer/author”

All proceeds go to a local charity (most worthy) – Bill and I !


All proceeds go to the elderly, needy, infirm and mentally challenged – ME!

“When the writer is no more, the value of your purchase will soar”