Long Walk to Peace (Inner)

Long WalkHow a “South African “Moegoe” (“whitey”) became “politically aware”…

(my very first writings, written in the very dark days of  June 1992 in SA)

Thanks, once again, Madiba for all you have done for the “always beloved country” (as well as for the licence with my title)

This little e-book of memories is for you and all South Africans

Also available in paperback at  http://www.amazon.com/Long-Walk-Peace-Inner-politically/dp/1494440512/

Reflections on my very privileged journey “born under Apartheid”

I was born in 1950, two years before the National Party won the election in South Africa and imposed the harshest racial legislation the world has ever known. Here is the story of my journey and the first stirrings of my “political awakening”…